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P-insertion Mutants in the Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Function

Oxidative phosphorilation–>Complex V: F0/F1 ATP synthase

Entry Name Protein_Name Gene Name Citogenetic Map P-insertion allele View
DM_CG11154 ATP synthase beta chain (ATPB) (By similarity) ATPsyn-beta 102D1 »P{SUPor-P}ATPsyn-betaKG07618
DM_CG7610 ATP synthase gamma chain (ATPG) (By similarity) ATPsyn-gamma 99B10 »P{EPgy2}ATPsyn-gammaEY03351
DM_2968 ATP synthase delta chain (ATPD) (By similarity) CG2968 9B4 »P{GT1}BG00301
DM_CG8189 ATP synthase B chain (ATPF) (By similarity) ATPsyn-b (CG8189) 67C5 »P{EPgy2}CGATPsyn-b-EY03793
DM_CG6030 ATP synthase D chain (ATPQ) (By similarity) CG6030 91F1 »P{EPgy2}ATPsyn-dEY07185
DM_CG4692 ATP synthase f chain (ATPK) (By similarity) CG4692 60D8--9 »P{SUPor-P}CG4692-KG10348
DM_CG6105 ATP synthase g chain (ATPN) (By similarity) l(2)06225 (CG6105) 32C1 »P{lacW}l(2)k03107-k13811
DM_CG4412 ATP synthase coupling factor 6 (ATPR) (By similarity) ATPsyn-Cf6 (CG4412) 94E13 »l(3)01031
DM_CG1746 ATP synthase lipid-binding protein (AT91) (By similarity) CG1746 100B7 »P{SUPor-P}CG1746KG01914

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