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P-insertion Mutants in the Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Function

Oxidative phosphorilation–>Complex III: Ubiquinol-cytochrome C oxidoreductase complex

Entry Name Protein_Name Gene Name Citogenetic Map P-insertion allele View
DM_CG8764 Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase complex 7.2 kDa protein (UCRX) (By similarity) ox (CG8764) 49C2 »P{PZ}ox1-ms(2)00815
DM_CG3560 Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase complex 14 kDa protein (UCR6) (By similarity) CG3560 14B10 »P{SUPor-P}CG3560-KG02424
DM_CG7361 Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase iron-sulfur subunit (UCRI) (By similarity) RFeSP (CG7361) 22A3 »P{lacW}RFeSP-k11704
DM_CG4769 Cytochrome c1, heme protein, mitochondrial (CY1) (By similarity) CG4769 64C13 »P{SUPor-P}CG4769-KG0598
DM_CG14508 Cytochrome c1, heme protein, mitochondrial (CY1) (By similarity) CG14508 99A1 »P{EP}EP3496
DM_CG7580 Ubiquinol-cytochrome C reductase complex ubiquinone-binding protein QP-C (UCRQ) (By similarity) CG7580 74C3 »P{EPgy2}CG7580-EY07539

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