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Drosophila melanogaster P-insertion Mutants in the Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Function

This web page is meant to provide a list of mutant insertion alleles of genes putatively involved in the oxidative phosphorilation system and was compiled mostly using information available from FlyBase and from the BDGP P-Element Gene Disruption Project. Textual hyperlinks connect each gene both with diagrams visualizing the position of the P-element insertion and with the exact position of the insertion in the genomic sequence as determined by BLAST-N analysis.Since the Drosophila melanogater genes listed here are counterparts of known human genes, the study of their P-insertion mutants may prove useful insights into mitochondrial biogenesis and function both in Drosophila and human.

Total disrupted genes 43
Oxidative phosphorilation -> Complex I: NADH ubiquinone oxidoredutase 14
Oxidative phosphorilation -> Complex II: Succinate dehydrogenase 4
Oxidative phosphorilation -> Complex III: Ubiquinol-cytochrome C oxidoreductase complex 6
Oxidative phosphorilation -> Complex IV: Cytochrome c oxidase 3
Oxidative phosphorilation -> Complex V: F0/F1 ATP synthase 9
Oxidative phosphorilation -> Others 7

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