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Cluster Name Human SwissProt AC GeneCard ID Product View
ACPM O14561 NDUFAB1 Acyl carrier protein
AT91 P05496 ATP5G1 ATP synthase lipid-binding protein (AT91)
ATPA P25705 ATP5A1 ATP synthase alpha chain (ATPA)
ATPB P06576 ATP5B ATP synthase beta chain (ATPB)
ATPD P30049 ATP5D ATP synthase delta chain (ATPD)
ATPE P56381 ATP5E ATP synthase epsilon chain (ATPE)
ATPF P24539 ATP5F1 ATP synthase B chain (ATPF)
ATPG P36542 ATP5C1 ATP synthase gamma chain (ATPG)
ATPJ P56385 ATP5I ATP synthase e chain (ATPJ)
ATPK P56134 ATP5J2 ATP synthase f chain (ATPK)
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