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Cluster Name Human SwissProt AC GeneCard ID Product View
CI30 Q9Y375 NDUFAF1 Complex I intermediate-associated protein 30 (CI30)
ATPW Q99766 ATP5S ATP synthase coupling factor B (ATPW)
ATPO P48047 ATP5O ATP synthase oligomycin sensitivity conferral protein (ATPO)
AT91 P05496 ATP5G1 ATP synthase lipid-binding protein (AT91)
ATPR P18859 ATP5J ATP synthase coupling factor 6 (ATPR)
ATPN O75964 ATP5L ATP synthase g chain (ATPN)
ATPK P56134 ATP5J2 ATP synthase f chain (ATPK)
ATPJ P56385 ATP5I ATP synthase e chain (ATPJ)
ATPQ O75947 ATP5H ATP synthase D chain (ATPQ)
ATPF P24539 ATP5F1 ATP synthase B chain (ATPF)
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